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Picking Carpet for Your Unfinished Basement

Many have unfinished basements when they buy a home. This makes the way for a wonderful opportunity to create this part of the home the way that you want it. There is a lot that goes into finishing a basement but it makes for a great winter project because you’re able to work in the warm while it’s still cold. When planning this it’s important to have a game plan, such as where the bathroom will go, what will be made into a sperate room and so on. These will be your basic plans but then you have to add in what kind of flooring will be put where in the different places of your basement. Most people choose to put carpet in some places of the basement, if not in the entire basement. We want to give you some of the diverse types of carpet you can put into your home.

Basements are known for having moisture and mold because of where they are situated. Therefore, it becomes crucially important for you to pick the right kind of carpet that can withstand water and mold. Whatever carpet you choose, it needs to be waterproof at its best and water resistant at its second best.

  • Shaw LifeGuard and Tigressa H20 is a type of carpet that is 100% waterproof. There are many benefits to this if for whatever reason water starts to leak everywhere. This type of carpet has a special finish to the back of it, making it so that no water passes through. Making it the best solution for spills and leaks because the water won’t seep through to the pad where mold can grow if it’s not taken care of.

There are also different types of carpet within a brand. These will give you and provide you with different properties such as low- pile, cut-pile, and man-made types. Low-pile carpet allows for the carpet to dry faster verses a high-pile carpet. Cut-pile carpet allows the carpet to be more enduring and conducive for cleaning water spills and leaks because of the ability to easily pull water from it. Man-made materials will also stand up to moisture more efficiently than natural ones.

With all of the different types of materials and brands, there are a lot of options. This lends itself to having to do research to find out which is the best type of carpet for your basement. With many different climates across the states, not one carpet will be the best. If you already have carpet in your basement and are having some trouble with it, then call us today! No matter where your carpet is in your home we are able to fix it with either a carpet patching, stretching, or with simple repairs.

By Ft. Collins Carpet Repair 1-16-2018