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Layering Area Rugs on Carpet

Layering Area Rugs on Carpet

Having wall to wall carpet does not exclude you from the wide world of area rugs. In fact, layering a rug or two over carpet can create extra texture and style in a space. If you want to give this look a try, stick around and we will show you some ways you can do it with minimal fuss.

When a rug is placed over smooth surfaces, like hardwood flooring, the biggest concern is that the entire rug will slide around. However, when a rug is placed over carpeting, buckling, and wrinkling is the issue that you will want to minimize. Not only can buckles make the room look unkempt, but it can also be a tripping hazard. So, what can be done?

Non-Slip Pad

Non-slip pads are a necessary accessory for any rug installation and there are specific ones that are made for different applications. This includes specialty non-slip pads that are specifically made for rugs that rest on carpet. Generally, you can find them under the term “carpet-to-carpet” pads. These work wonders in keeping your rug in place, especially if there is nothing else around to anchor the rug down. As a bonus, these pads also work to protect your actual carpet by reducing any repeated shifting and friction that may occur and that commonly causes premature blooming.

Anchor with Furniture

In addition to using a non-slip pad, you can utilize the nearby furniture to hold the rug in place. When configuring your rug placement, try to take advantage of the table, chairs, or couch. Pinning down all four corners will provide the most stability, but you can get away with two.

And that is really all there is to it! Adding a rug to a carpeted area can be a great way to infuse some extra personality to a space. Or it can be an excellent way to temporarily cover up stains or burns. For a more permanent solution for unsightly carpet scars, give Ft. Collins Carpet Repair a call. We can skillfully patch the affected spot.

By Ft. Collins Carpet Repair 5-28-2021