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All About Frieze

All About Frieze

Style preferences, budget, and many other factors can influence your choices when deciding on which style of carpet to go with. If you feel a little lost when examining all the different terms that flood the carpeting world, Ft. Collins Carpet Repair wants to help you out. Today in particular, we are going to look at one specific style of carpet: Frieze.

How to Identify Frieze

Frieze carpet is somewhat like a shag carpet. It is made up of long, twisted fibers. To create these dense fibers, they are wound three to five times. The result is a dense and resilient carpet. Because Frieze is so hardy, it is an excellent choice for high traffic areas or busy homes. In addition, Frieze is great at masking dirt as well. This style of carpet is a middle tier choice regarding budget, being not the cheapest option, but also not the priciest either.


Frieze is a well-rounded style that is great for virtually any area of the home. As we touched on, it is quite durable. Meaning that it will do well in high trafficked areas such as, hallways and stairs. But it is by no means uncomfortable to step barefoot on. So even if set out in the living room or bedroom, it will be soft enough to be enjoyed without slippers and socks.


Because Frieze consists of long twisted fibers, dirt and spills readily sink deep into the piles. For this reason, if you decide to go with this style, be sure to select one that is stain resistant. Another thing to note about Frieze is the fact that it does come off as casual. While this may not be a drawback for some, if you are someone who prefers a more proper look, this style of carpet may not be right for you.

In the end, Frieze carpet is a great choice for busy families who need a comfortable, yet durable carpet to meet their needs. If you like the carpets you have now but are considering replacing them because they look a little rundown, consider another option. Ft. Collins Carpet Repair is a team of skilled technicians who can readily stretch, and patch worn out areas of your carpet. Thus, resulting in a like-new appearance. If you are curious to know more, give us a call for a free quote!

By Ft. Collins Carpet Repair 11-23-2020