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Reasons for Outdoor Carpet

Carpet is generally inside the home and we all love it there underneath our feet. It gives us a little cushion and makes it easier on the joints. What about carpet outside though? This doesn’t seem to be very popular in a lot of areas. However, there are some who do have carpet outside, be it on the front porch or on the back patio. There are pros and cons to having carpet outside your home, like anything else there is always going to be up keep to it. So, what are the pros and cons of having carpet outside your home?


There is much variety when it comes to outdoor carpet such as textures, colors, and grades. Many people look into these types of carpets when they have a sunroom or are planning on building one onto their home. That doesn’t always have to be the case though. The porch is a great place to put carpet as well. Many people have in their minds that outdoor carpet looks old and is unattractive. This is not the case today though. Outdoor carpet today has many different types to be able to give you the perfect look that you’re going for. Whether you’re going for a cozier look on your porch or just want something that is a little safer for the little ones to crawl on.


Carpet is much safer than flooring such as wood and tile. Take wood for example, whether you have little ones or not splinters are a thing. They can easily happen to us when we are walking across the deck. Now factor in the little ones who love to crawl everywhere, they are more likely to get splinters than we are. Take for example tile or concrete, this is common on many porches. However, when you have snow and ice they tend to be a disaster waiting to happen. Younger ones and older ones are especially prone to slipping and falling. This can make way for a disaster that leads to the emergency room.


You might be thinking that outdoor carpet is a bad idea simply because it gets wet and dirty. Is this really the case though? Outdoor carpeting is made of synthetic material so that it is resistant to mold and mildew. Additionally, this makes it easier to be able to clean and keep it looking beautiful. However, many times these types of carpet do absorb oil which can be a problem. The good news is though that there shouldn’t be oil on the porch or on the back patio.

However, carpet is carpet and it still needs to be repaired from time to time. Ft Collins Carpet Repair can help in all your carpet repairs be it inside or outside the home. We can repair tears, holes, wrinkles and more, making it look like it never happened. Call us today for a free home estimate!

By Ft. Collins Carpet Repair 3-20-2018