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How to Remove the Toughest Stains?

Stains are bound to happen in your home. There is always someone who must carry red juice through the home and somehow manages to spill it on the carpet. Or maybe it’s bleach or oil that dripped onto your carpet. Regardless of what has been spilled on your carpet, if you’ve tried to get it out and can’t then you might feel that there are no other options than to have your carpet replaced. Don’t throw in the towel just yet though! Nip and Tuck Carpet Repair can help you make the best decision for your home and save you money! Here is the best stain remover!

Carpet Patching

No matter how big or small the stain is, or how many there are, we can make your carpet look like there was never an accident there to begin with. Carpet patching can remove the toughest stains because it literally is cutting that stain out and then replacing it with a remnant piece of carpet. The process is quick and seamless. Many people wonder if you would be able to see that it was just patched because you’re putting in a piece of carpet that hasn’t seen the same wear and tear. However, we help to assure each homeowner that after a week of walking on it that you won’t be able to even tell where the patch was in the first place.

What about when you don’t have a remnant piece of carpet though? This is an easy fix, so don’t worry. When you don’t have an extra piece of carpet, we just need you to go to your local hardware store and purchase a piece of carpet that’s of similar pile and color. From there we pull a piece out of your closet and place that in the area that we pulled out because it is of the exact same dye and pile. Then we take the piece that you bought and place it back into the closet. In this way we can make the most readily seen areas look seamless and blend to perfection.

When it comes to any carpet repair, don’t turn to carpet cleaners that offer it as a side job they do. Call the professionals that do carpet repairs day in and day out. We have the experience to be able to provide you with the best results for your carpet. Call us today for a free home estimate or fill out the online request form. We can even give you and estimate over the phone so that you don’t have to wait in making a decision!

By Ft. Collins Carpet Repair 5-15-2019