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Making the Right Choice: Replace or Repair

Your carpet is only five years old, and now it is time to replace it. This is often the case in the carpet industry but there are other options. Many do not realize that carpet repair is often an affordable and convenient choice. But how affordable are repairs?

The Cost of an Install

When you are considering replacing your carpet there are quite a few factors including:

  • The carpet itself
  • Padding
  • Labor Cost for the Installation
  • Cost of tear out
  • Disposal

As you can imagine, these factors add up. They all add into the final price of carpet replacement. All of these steps come down to a price range between $9/square yard and can go up as high as $40+/square yard, depending on your choice of carpet. Usually a home owner prefers a mid-grade to high mid-grade carpet because it is soft and plush, and pretty durable. If you fit into that general mold of home owners, that would bring costs to roughly $20-30/square yard. The bottom line; an average room of about 13×13 could cost you between $400-600 total for new carpet; not very pocket friendly.

Carpet Stretching

So how does carpet repair measure up? Say your problem is ripples throughout an entire room. Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair has the professional tools and skills to repair your carpet without the need of brand new carpet. That same 13×13 room would cost $60-70 to stretch those wrinkles out. That’s a whopping savings of $330-540 with this quick and easy fix.

Patch Pricing

“What if I have a bleach stain in my carpet?” Are stains in the middle of your dining room driving you crazy? These unattractive stains may make you feel like replacing the entire room of carpet is the only option. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair can patch that stain so your carpet looks good as new. You average patch can run between $30-100 depending on the size of your stain. If you have many stains throughout the room this may not be the better option compared to new carpet. In most cases though, savings can still be in the $300-500 price range.

The Bottom Line

In most cases carpet repair is a very cost-effective alternative to full replacement. Considering the cost of installing brand new carpet makes this option a nice tidbit of information you should share with your friends and family when they’re in some carpet trouble. Unless your carpet is 15 years old or incredibly worn, why would you throw your money out the window? Give us a call at Nip & Tuck Carpet Repair for a free quote to see just how much cash you can save.

By Ft Collins Carpet Repair 6-2-2016