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How to Repair Carpet Burns

How to Repair Carpet Burns?

Everyday that iron shaped burn in the carpet glares at you as a reminder. A reminder to always remember to check and see that things are unplugged before you leave the house. Or the time that there was short circuit over by the recliner has forever left its mark on the carpet. There are many scenarios where you could be left with an unsightly black burn on your carpet. Whatever the reason, Fort Collins Carpet Repair is here to help you get rid of it.

If you are an avid DIYer and are not interested in calling in a professional, we have laid out a step by step guide on how to properly repair a carpet burn. To get started, you will need to get your tools in order.

Tools Needed:

-razor knife

-fine sandpaper

-pair of small pointed scissors

-large piece of paper


-double-sticky tape or latex adhesive

-donor carpet piece or matching square of carpet

For a moment, assess how far reaching the damage is. For surface burns, you can attempt to only remove the singed fibers. You can do this by taking your sandpaper and working away at the burn. For stubborn bits that the sandpaper is unable to get rid of, you can use your scissors or razor to cut away the affected fibers. Keep in mind that no repair is going to be 100% invisible, but this will at least make it less noticeable. When completed, you may want to just run a vacuum over the area to suck up any debris or soot.

If your burn is more than just on the surface, you will need to proceed with actually replacing the area. Before you start cutting a chunk out of your carpet, it is important to locate a scrap piece of carpet to replace it with. Do you have a small portion left over from the installation? If not, you may want to find an area you can harvest from. Usually taking from the back of a closet is best.

Make sure when placing the new donor piece, that you lay it in a way that in runs in the same direction as the original carpet.

Take your paper and draw a square on it just large enough to cover the patch. Then, using your razor knife, cut from your remnant piece using the pattern you just created.

After you have cut a new square piece, place it over the burn area. Then using the new piece as a guide, cut away the damaged carpet. Be careful not to cut through the padding underneath, though!

Remove the old piece and fit the new carpet patch into the hole. You may need to trim off any excess carpet to make it fit perfectly.

Once the patch is a perfect fit, flip it over and add some double-stick tape or latex adhesive onto the back. Then carefully place it back into the hole and press firmly around all the edges.

And you did it! As was mentioned, it may not be perfectly invisible, but it will look tons better than a black burn mark and this solution will also save you lots of money in the process. If you are not confident in your DIY abilities or are more comfortable using the expertise of a professional, then call us at Fort Collins Carpet Repair! We have the abilities to patch your carpet as seamlessly as possible. Letting us help repair your carpet will still save you large amounts of money when compared to a carpet replacement!

By Fort Collins Carpet Repair 9-19-2019