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Carpet Stretching

Kicker Vs StretcherDenver Carpet Stretching

Wrinkles are usually due to a subpar installation of the carpet. Many times, a knee kicker (Top Picture) will be used instead of a power stretcher (Bottom Picture). The difference could be likened to tightening a nut using your fingers verses using the torque of a wrench. Knee kickers tighten the carpet just enough to get by. With moisture and temperature changes the carpet can expand and contract, causing ripples or wrinkles.

Our technicians use a power stretcher, ensuring that your carpet is stretched properly. Even with high foot traffic, your carpet will not become loose enough to cause wrinkles. Pricing can vary on carpet repair work depending on factors such as yarn style (berber, frieze, plush, etc.), size of repair, etc. Therefore, we are not able to give exact pricing online, but we can give you an over-the-phone estimate, an in-home estimate, or estimate via email.

Using a power stretcher does take skill. Depending on the angles of the walls and the layout of the room, the methods can change. Our technicians are trained to make sure that wrinkles are stretched out correctly. We are confident enough in our stretching procedures that we will provide a 5 year guarantee in writing.

Often times customers will ask if furniture is an issue when stretching the carpet. This can depend on a variety of factors such as concrete or wood subfloor, how heavy the furniture is, and the layout of the room. Usually, furniture is not something that will slow us down, so we do not charge extra for moving furniture.

If the room has wood subfloor, we only need about 4 feet from the wall we are stretching to. This means that we can slide the furniture out 4 feet to stretch, and then place it back when we are done stretching. Unless the furniture weighs several hundred pounds, the power stretcher will actually move the furniture with the carpet as it is being stretched. For furniture to not be an issue we please ask that if there are any valuables, electronics, lamps, etc. that you move them to a safe location.

If the room is on concrete, we will need to extend pipes from one wall to the other to stretch the carpet. We still can work with furniture in the room, but if it is crowded more than likely we will need to move some out. Just like with wood subfloor, we still would ask that you move any valuables, electronics, lamps, etc. to a safer location.