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Carpet Patching

There are many factors that come in to play to have a sturdy unnoticeable patch:

  1. The patch needs to be strictly cut. A patch that is too big can buckle. If it is too small for the hole you will see the seam.
  2. The patch needs to be seam sealed properly. The backing of carpet consists of a primary backing and a secondary backing. When a patch is cut, these can tend to part, especially when there is high traffic. These backing materials need to be seam sealed together to reduce yarn loss and separation of the primary and secondary backings. If there is too much adhesive, it will get into the yarns and ruin your patch. If there isn’t enough glue, it will not be a stable seal.
  3. The patch needs to be seamed as flush as possible to the carpet backing. While seaming, the backings need to be pulled close together. Failing to do so will can lead to yarns being pulled down into the glue of the seam tape.
  4. After the patch is finished, it needs to be trimmed and vacuumed to make sure that no yarns will come loose after the job.